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Online community management and moderation training

Building community takes time, nurturing the community takes skill.   Community management across a wide range of platforms is a growing profession.     Do you already have a community and need to train staff to help, or find new ways to build  & engage your community?   My community audit is just the thing.  Would you like to work as a community manager or moderator?   You’ve come to the right place.

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One to one small business social media mentoring.

Technology moves fast.   You need a trusted partner to work with you and guide you.   To take on the learning so you only need to absorb what matters for your business.

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Workshops & Speaking & Online Events

I can create a bespoke workshop or speaking events just for you across a variety of trending topics from Communnity to Ai and the Metaverse.     Need help putting your online event together?     I’m here to help you make it all happen.

My Approach

What does your business need to grow? 

I work with you to identify your goals, your needs and help your business and brand reputation  to stand out through a unique approach that blends respect, empathy, and social responsibility.

My Mission

I am passionately committed to uplifting the importance of community engagement within small businesses. My mission is to personally guide businesses in forging authentic connections with their clients and customers. I am dedicated to empowering each organisation to grow and stand out through an conscientious embrace of social responsibility and positively impacting the communities they serve.

My Big Vision

To make respect cool.  To empower others to understand how we can create change when respect underpins everything we do.    I believe in the power of community and therefore I am driven to  empower community managers and moderators to help them be recognized as vital contributors to the success and growth of businesses great and small. I aim to foster a global environment where business embrace social responsibility and governance and  celebrate community managers for their ability to cultivate strong, sustainable relationships with clients and customers, while driving positive change in the communities they serve. I see community management at the forefront of business success and positive social impact, and I hope you join me in creating this powerful future.

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